Active Maths

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Find out about the benefits of teaching maths in a physically active way, and also how the delivery of PE can improve all curriculum areas.

Active Maths uses PE and physical activity to raise achievement in maths. It helps to support progress and attainment across the whole school and raises aspirations to narrow the learning gap. Written in line with the maths curriculum, the Active Maths solutions available will help guide school staff to deliver engaging and innovative learning.

If your school is trying to engage students who don’t respond well to traditional teaching methods, the active learning principle uses physical activity in the classroom to support achievement in core subjects such as maths.

The Active Maths online course is for practitioners working in the primary school sector, and consists of 7 sections across 2 modules:

• Module 1 - Improving the curriculum through PE and sport
o Section 1 - Using the context of PE and school sport
o Section 2 - Using the values developed in PE and school sport
o Section 3 - Using the skills developed in PE and school sport
o Section 4 - Using the pedagogy of PE and school sport
o Section 5 - Give it a go

• Module 2 - Active learning in maths
o Section 1 - The case for active learning in maths
o Section 2 - An active approach to learning

This course comprises e-learning, reflection activities and quizzes in relation to active learning in maths. The reflection activities provide you with a chance to focus on your current, and future, practice in relation to each aspect of using PE in maths, before you move on to the next.

You can test your understanding in the quizzes to earn digital badges: Improving Curriculum through PE and Sport (Module 1), and Active Learning in Maths (Module 2).

You will also receive a sample set of resource cards, in digital format, and be eligible for a discount on the Maths of the Day product.