POP Lacrosse Class Pack

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The POP Lacrosse Class Pack is a perfect introduction to the sport of Lacrosse, it allows entry level players a chance to experience Lacrosse for the first time.

The pack includes the orginal STXBall Stick and STXBall Ball. The stick is a 36" stick with an aluminium shaft and flexible plastic head, designed for long lasting play and durability and the original flexible ball designed for introduction to the game of lacrosse.

POP is the official English Lacrosse game for primary schools. The cards will support the delivery of all the skills required to play this a non-contact version of lacrosse, from demonstrations of catching and passing through to game tactics, rules and officiating.

These resource cards provide a mixture of skills and activities to support the delivery of practical lacrosse sessions. Starting with basic lacrosse fundamentals and processing, the cards then introduce more advance skills and tactics, making them relevant for complete beginners through to more accomplished players. The skills and activities on these cards work with both POP and Field sticks, making them suitable for the delivery of POP and INTO versions of the game.

Whether used for POP or INTO Lacrosse the Cards as suitable for delivering invasion skills within the Physical Literacy PE Curriculum.

**Please note the lacrosse resource cards which are included in the packs for POP will be dispatched around 2 weeks after the rest of the pack is sent to you. Please be advised, this does not stop you using the equipment and you will not be invoiced until you receive all items of your order.**

For additional support on Lacrosse in education or if you require more information on delivering Lacrosse to people with disabilities or specials needs look at Sainsbury School Games Primary School www.yourschoolgames.com/sports/level-1-primary, Secondary School www.yourschoolgames.com/sports/level-1-secondary or please contact English Lacrosse info@englishlacrosse.co.uk

The equipment is supplied in a heavy duty, water resistant nylon bag.