Quicksticks Curriculum Resource and Challenge Cards

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This Quicksticks Resource Pack contains both the Curriculum Resource and the Challenge Cards, making it a complete resource and support guide for the delivery and facilitation of the Quicksticks game.

The Quicksticks Resource

The resource, updated and revised for 2014, supports the PE National Curriculum 2014, and focuses on developing the whole child and not just their physical skills
Includes 24 weeks (six weeks each for years 3, 4, 5 and 6) of lesson plans
The wider personal skills (healthy, thinking & creative) are developed through an easy to use lesson by lesson approach
The resource offers opportunities to develop children’s leadership skills through a variety of roles (either within lesson time or as an out of school learning opportunity)
There is a greater emphasis towards higher order questioning to challenge and deepen the children’s understanding of the game, and there are materials to support the teacher in assessing not just the physical ability of the child but also their personal skills
Challenge Cards

The 49 illustrated, waterproof Challenge Cards are designed to enable the teacher/coach to deliver Quicksticks in gradual stages starting with core skills such as dribbling with the ball. They are easy to use and designed in such a way that any young person, for example a young leader, can lead using the cards as support.

The front of the card gives a written explanation and illustration of the challenge as well as tips to remember. The back of the card identifies teaching and safety points and ways to adapt the challenge.

The number of cards allows the deliverer to be creative and develop their own sessions by mixing and matching the exercises depending on the goals of the class/session.