Primary Rounders Pack

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Product sold as: Pack - EQ-ROU-001

The Rounders England Approved Primary School Rounders Pack enables schools to introduce the game of Rounders in a targeted and fun way consisting of the basic equipment required to teach indoor or outdoor Rounders. The pack has the Rounders England Small Games Cards included that has 16 different games that all help to introduce the key elements of the game, running, hitting, catching and throwing. It enables Schools to also use other equipment that is found on school premises to help deliver new and fun ways of learning.

The 16 sections cover:
Bowler Warm Up
Steal the Balls
Football Rounders
Danish Rounders
Quickstart Rounders
T-Ball Easy Rounders
Scatterball Rounders
Bowler Rounders
Long Run Rounders
Team Batting
Decision Rounders
Aerobic Rounders
Up & Back
Cool Down

The Pack also contains the basic equipment needed to play Rounders and teachers can have everything set up in less than 1 minute.

It’s that easy you can just start to play the game.