Engaging parents in 30 active minutes of physical activity

6th February 2018

The challenge
Children are spending less time moving and more time sitting! This type of sedentary behaviour has a significant impact on the long term health of young people, with hardened arteries and inflammation becoming common in children aged just six years old. Engaging parents and families to ensure children are taking part in active play to develop their physical literacy is vital if we want to flip the increasing trend of children using digital devices instead of moving around.

The government ambition
The childhood obesity plan is the government’s response to the challenge of growing inactivity and physical wellbeing in young people.

The guidelines of the plan detail the responsibility of schools to not only ensure 30 active minutes each day for every child in school, but their responsibility to proactively encourage parental engagement to achieve 30 active minutes outside of the timetabled school day.

The benefit
Daily physical activity is vital for young people’s cognitive and psycho-social development. Schools have a responsibility to engage parents in ensuring every child has the confidence and competence to move and is included in daily physical activity.

To create a lasting benefit to children’s health, regular movement and reduced sitting time have to become part of the long-term fabric of their day, inside and outside of school and not just restricted to physical education.

The positive impact daily physical activity has on children’s attainment in school has been illustrated by Nike’s ‘Designed to Move’ study (2012),  which found that on average active children achieve 33% better than their inactive peers.

The solution
Active 30:30 is our response to the ambitions of the governments childhood obesity plan. Made up of 10 sequential steps the Active 30:30 resource helps practitioners to create an active school which supports the principles of learning already established.

Included in the resource is a step-by-step practitioner resource providing a robust evidence base with guidance and tips to maximise impact and encourage parental engagement.

For more info and to access the full Active 30:30 resource click here.

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